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Thomas M. Davis
Department of Biological Sciences


    New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station Project
    NH00535: Genomic Tools for Horticultural Crops. Applied Horticultural Genomics –
    From Models to Markets

    USDA-NRI Plant Genome Grant #2008-35300-04411
    (to Thomas M. Davis, University of New Hampshire):
    A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Comparative Genomics in Fragaria

    USDA-NIFA Specialty Crops Research Initiative
    (to Amy Iezzoni, Michigan State University).
    RosBREED: Enabling Marker-Assisted Breeding in Rosaceae

    NSF-Plant Genome Grant #0701488
    (to Kevin Folta, University of Florida):
    Identification and Functional Characterization of Novel
    Expressed Transcripts in the Rosaceae

    Strawberry Genome Project
    The Davis lab is a participating member in the
    Strawberry Genome Sequencing Consortium,
    which has sequenced the diploid strawberry genome.



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