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Archived on 12/08/2010

Three new strawberry DNA sequence were submitted to GenBank. All are from Fragaria vesca ssp. americana 'Pawtuckaway'.

  • Accession GU363535 is a ~130 kb chloroplast genome sequence that was assembled de novo from Illumina 36 nt paired end reads (Davis et al., 2010). The paired end sequencing was done by ServiceXS, Leiden, The Netherlands (http://www.servicexs.com/).

  • Accession GU363534 is a ~67 kb mitochondrial DNA contig that was assembled de novo from Illumina 36 nt paired end reads
    (Mahoney et al., 2010).

  • Accession GU363533 is a ~1.6 kb DNA sequence from the mitochondrial MatR region (Mahoney et al., 2010).
Archived on 03/24/2010
Fifty F. vesca fosmid clones sequenced and deposited in GenBank under accession numbers EU024823-EU024872 (total read length of 1.75 Mb).
Archived on 03/31/2010
During her January 29, 2010 visit to the University of New Hampshire, USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan learned about strawberry genomic research activities in the Davis lab, including our involvement in the Fragaria vesca genome sequencing project (link below).

Archived on 09/01/2010
The recent earthquake severely damaged to the Plant Biotechnology
Building and the laboratory of our strawberry colleague, Dr. Raul
Herrera, at Universidad de Talca, Chile (see pictures at:
http://biologia.utalca.cl/imegenes/science.pdf) .

Archived on 09/01/2010
At this year's Greenhouse Open House event at the University of New Hampshire (Mar 27-28, 2010), the Davis lab presented a lively display on the local fruit wine industry, including a brief description of our own initial experiment with strawberry wine making. Our strawberry wine experiment was conducted in cooperation with LaBelle Winery, Amherst,NH(http://www.labellewinerynh.com/).